Jones Natural Chews Co.

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Mammoth Bones

Dino Bones

The Dino Bone is a whole meaty USA all-natural beef bone, with both knuckles from the front leg generally reaching 12 - 14" long, dipped in liquid smoke.

Jumbo Bone

The Jumbo Bone is a whole USA all-natural meaty beef femur bone, 16 - 18" long from the hind leg. The Jumbo Bone has meaty pieces on the whole bone and are dipped in liquid smoke.

Shank Bones

The Shank Bone is a USA all-natural meaty beef shin bone. It is a 6 - 9" tough and durable bone dipped in liquid smoke.

Slammer Bones

The Slammer Bone is a whole USA all-natural beef front leg bone with one knuckle, generally reaching 10 - 12" long. They are dipped in liquid smoke and oven baked with no artificial ingredients.

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