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Chicken Products

Bark Burgers Chicken Blend

Bark Burgers Chicken Blend is an oven-baked, USA, all-natural chicken treat with no artificial ingredients, for all size dogs.

Chickee Snapz

Chickee Snapz are a soft, bite size treat great for training all size dogs.

Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet with nails removed.

Chickly Links

7 - 8" chicken links in an edible collagen.

Rocky's Rollers Soft Chicken Sausage

Rocky's Rollers are 7 - 8" links that are soft and flexible, made with USA chicken.

Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend

Tender Taffy is a soft and flexible strip that breaks easily in pieces for training treats. It is made of either USA all-natural chicken with no artificial ingredients added.

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