Jones Natural Chews Dog Treats Made in the USA
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Company History

The Jones history as meat cutters and butchers in the USA can be traced back sixteen decades to Stephen Jones, meat cutter in 1859 in Rome, New York, It moves down each generation from Jay W. Jones, meat cutter, moving to Clinton, Wisconsin in 1870, to Jay E. Jones, meat cutter, moving to Harvard, Illinois in 1902, to Robert M. Jones, meat cutter, opening Jones Packing Company in 1952 in Harvard, Illinois. With each new generation being trained in meat cutting and passing down the family tradition, Robert L. Jones worked in his father's meat packing plant until 1970.

In 1970 Robert L. Jones founded this company as a small meat market with a smokehouse to proved custom butchering and smoking for local farmers in Woodstock, IL. Te best cuts of meat also produced the best bones and word traveled fast that Jones was the place to go for naturally baked dog chews. By 1988, three of Robert's children, Darren, Dean and Laura joined the company and were eager to expand the dog chews. Suzanne (Jones) Madenis, Robert's fourth child, joined the company in 1992. After occupying five separate locations in Woodstock, the company expanded to a new, single location in Rockford, IL in 2005. In 2010 the packaging and shipping department were moved to a second Rockford facility, creating complete separation of raw and finished product. In 2013, the offices and packaging department moved into a third building doubling the processing area.

Jones Locations Throughout the Years

Six generations of expertise in the meat industry have proven to be a valuable asset to Jones Natural Chews. The Jones family takes pride in the consistency and quality of their natural, healthy dog treats and chews made from animal products suppled by USDA inspected plants within the USA. Over the years, Jones Natural Chews has carefully developed several types and sizes of chews and treats for all size dogs and all types of chewer. All products are developed with careful testing for moisture levels, bacteria control, and maximum shelf life. Of course, the true product testers consist of several different dogs ranging in size from three pounds to one hundred and fifty pounds. Lots of thanks and love to our current testers: Onyx (3lbs.), Angel Lee (5lbs.), Gizmo (9lbs.), BJ (13lbs.), Oscar (15lbs.), Sophia (15lbs.), Staley (16lbs.), Sergeant (20lbs.), Grizzly (25lbs.), Rupert (40lbs.), Harley (45lbs.), Frankie (65lbs.), Charlie (76lbs.), Tana (80lbs.), Tucker (95lbs.), Sampson (104lbs.), Dezaray (105lbs.), Ozzy (113lbs.) and Maria (150lbs.).

Employees and family members are equally important at Jones Natural Chews Co. The Jones family manages the business, but the approach is hands on! Robert L. Jones, President and Darlene Jones, Accountant, retired in July 2008, passing the reigns on to their children.

Move over or the seventh generation!

Melissa (Jones) Williamson has a Bachelor's degree in Communications. She has worked in the customer service department for over 10 years and is the Office Manager.